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Rikugien Gardens 六義園

Rikugi Gardens
Rikugi Gardens, Tokyo.

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The Rikugi-en in Komagome is one of Tokyo's most beautiful gardens.

The land was given by shōgun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi to his grand chamberlain Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, who started the constructed on the current gardens in 1695.

A pond, miniature mountain and various plants represent the 88 scenes of celebrated waka poems of the time.

The gardens is as attractive for its cherry blossoms (late-March, early April) as for its Autumn foliage (late November, early December).

Rikugi-en Gardens, Tokyo (photo by Nesnad - CC BY 3.0)

Opening date

Land area

Number of trees

Variety of plants

Opening hours

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Nearest station

16 October 1938 (laid in 1695)

87,809 m² / 8.8 ha / 21.5 acres

Trees : 6,340 / Shrubbery : 28,700 m2 / Lawn : 246,499 m2

Pines, maples (momiji), zelkova, elms, dogwoods, camphor trees, castanopsis sieboldii, idesia polucarpa, azaleas, plum trees, camelias, weeping cherry trees, evergreen magnolia, bush clovers, sasanquas, etc.

9am-5pm (last entry 4:30pm). Closed from 29 December to 3 January

300 yen

Hon-komagome 6-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

7min walk from Komagome (Namboku and JR lines), 10min walk from Sengoku (Mita line)

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