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Japanese Culture

Japanese History

Learn about each period from prehistoric times to the 21st century.
Japanese Religion

Shintoism and the various schools of Japanese Buddhism.


Japanese Food Glossary
A quick way to learn to read a Japanese menu or talk gastronomy with your Japanese friends.
Japanese Food Guide
Learn all the basic dishes about traditional and modern hybrid Japanese cuisines.

Traditions and Etiquette

Guide to Japanese manners & etiquette

Be it for eating, bathing or business, know how to do it right and avoid causing offense.

Japanese national holidays, festivities and special events

How much do you know about Hina Matsuri, Tanabata, Higan, or Knickers Giving Day ?

Featured book

Japanese traditional calendar

Traditional day (rokuyo) and month names, all era names since the first emperor.

Sex, Marriage & Gender issues

Marriage in Japan vs in the West

One word, two concepts. Overcome cross-cultural misunderstandings.
Sexual issues in Japanese society

Why so many couples become sexless, molestations are on the rise, and young women sell their body for brand bags.

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