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Koishikawa Botanical Garden 小石川植物園

Koishikawa Botanical Garden, Tokyo (photo by kanegen - Creative Commons Licence)
Ume blossoms, Koishikawa Botanical Garden, Tokyo

The Koishikawa Botanical Garden belongs to the nearby Tokyo University and is one of the best place to view ume (plum) or sakura (cherry) blossoms in Tokyo, because of the variety of trees and the lack of crowds from which big parks usually suffer.

The gardens were first established in 1684 as the Koishikawa Medicinal Herb Garden by the 5th Tokugawa shōgun, Tsuneyoshi. It became used as a garden for botanical research by the Tokyo Imperial University in 1877, shorthly after the Meiji Restoration.

Opening date

Land area

Number of trees

Variety of plants

Opening hours

Admission fee


Nearest station


16,000 m² / 1.6 ha / 4 acres

Tall trees : 4,030 / Shrubs : 168 + 17,700 m2 / Lawn : 1,300 m2

Plum trees, cherry trees, azaleas, camellias, maples, Japanese primroses, bonsai trees, alpine plants...

9am-4:30pm (last entry 4pm). Closed from 29 December to 3 January, and Mondays (if public holidays, then Tuesday), Greenhouse open 1-3pm on Tue-Wed.

330 yen

3-7-1 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

A shorth walk from Myōgadani station (Marunouchi line) or Hakusan station (Toei Mita line)

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