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Genetics of the Japanese
The origins of the Japanese
Genetic and linguistic origins of the Japanese.
Japan DNA Project
Japan DNA Project
Unravelling the genetic landscape of Japan.
Japanese Trivia
Interesting facts about Japan
Interesting, amazing and little known facts about Japan.
Misconceptions @ gaijin
Japanese misconceptions about foreigners
Mistaken Japanese beliefs about Westerners.
The Six Religions of Japan
Shinto fox statuettes
Why the Japanese can't easily tell what is their religion
Japanese Swords FAQ
Japanese Swords: Q&A
Are Japanese swords better than Western ones ? Why is Masamune so famous ?
Edo Trivia
Edo Trivia
What did priests, yakuza and prostitutes have in common during the Edo period ?
Samurai Trivia
Samurai Trivia
Samurai wore perfume and cut their ennemies' heads as trophies.
Japan's Buddhist Mummies
Japanese Buddhist Mummies
Even heard of Buddhist priest meditating till they slowly mummify and die ?
Meiji: a cultural revolution
Meiji revolution
Are Japanese swords better than Western ones ? Why is Masamune so famous ?
Marriage in Japan vs in the West
Marriage in Japan vs in the West
One word, two concepts. Overcome cross-cultural misunderstandings.
Japanese vs in the Western homes
Japanese vs in the Western homes
What makes Japanese houses and apartments different from European and American ones ?
Expat life in Japan
Old Japanese Flag
You know you've been in Japan far too long when...
Sino-Japanese relations
Sino-Japanese relations
Japan's complicated relationship with China : where are the two countries heading ?
Japan FAQ
Japanese manners and etiquette
Guide to Japanese manners and etiquette
Japanese food
List of Japanese dishes with description.
Japanese history
Timeline, castles, WWII, and more.
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