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Old Furukawa Gardens 旧古河庭園

Kyu-Furukawa Gardens (© Scirocco340 - Fotolia.com)
Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

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The smaller Kyu-Furukawa Gardens are about 15min walk from Rikugien along the Hongo-dōri Avenue. Its main attraction are its early 20th-century stone residence, its rose garden and Japanese garden.

Old Furukawa Gardens, Tokyo (photo by Wiiii)

The property is the former residence of Meiji-era notable, Mutsu Munemitsu, who subsequently passed to the Furukawa family.

The Western-style villa and rose garden were designed by British architect Josiah Condor (1852-1920), who also designed the Rokumeikan, Nicolai Cathedral and the Iwasaki residence.

The roses are named after famous people (eg. Princess Michiko, Charles de Gaule), places or even virtues. They bloom twice a year, in Spring (mid-May to mid-June) and Autumn (mid-October to late-November).

The Japanese gardens were created by Ogawa Jihei, also known as Niwashi-Ueji (1860-1933) from Kyoto. They include a 10m high waterfall, a miniature replica of a gorge and an 'oku-no-in'-style stone lantern. The pond is shaped like the Japanese kanji for heart (心).

Opening date

Land area

Number of trees

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Nearest station

30 April 1956

30,780 m² / 3 ha / 7.5 acres

Tall trees : 2,400 / Shrubs : 2,400 / Lawn : 1,500 m2

Maples (momiji), roses, cherry trees, plum trees, azaleas, irises, peonies, bottle bushes, spider lilies, sasanquas, wax trees, camellias

9am-5pm (last entry 4:30pm). Closed from 29 December to 1 January

150 yen

Nishigahara 1-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo

7min walk from Nishigahara (Namboku line), Kami-Nakazato (JR lines)

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