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Culture shock and issues encountered by Westerners in Japan

Cultural issues

Common Japanese misconceptions regarding foreigners
Why do the Japanese think they are unique ? Are they prejudiced against non-Japanese ?
Things Japanese people should not say to Westerners
How can Japanese people avoid offending Westerners or avoid seeming racist, naive or stupid

Differences in lifestyle & relationships

You have been in Japan too long when...
How did life in Japan change your habits and mindset ?
Japanese houses compared to European ones
What makes (modern) Japanese houses so particular.
The Meaning of Marriage in Japan and in the West
One word, two concepts. Overcome cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Foreigners in Japan

Registered foreigners in Japan
How many foreigners from each country live in Japan, and where do they live ?
Attitude of the Japanese government towards foreigners
Comparison of acceptance rates for immigrants, naturalisations, refugees and asylum seekers to Japan with other developed countries.

Crime & Discrimination

  • Discrimination in Japan
    How are racial and sexual discrimination part of everyday life in Japan.
  • Foreign criminality in Japan
    Did you know that the Westerners and Koreans in Japan commit proportionally 15 times less crimes than the Japanese ?

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