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Kagurazaka 神楽坂

Akagi Jinja, Kagurazaka

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Nestled in the north-eastern corner of the Shinjuku ward, Kagurazaka is a quiet and pleasant "shitamachi" neighbourhood rarely visited by foreign tourists.

The first point of interest is the Buddhist Zenkoku-ji Temple (善國寺), better known for its Chinese-style Bisha-monten Gate (毘沙門天). Bishamonten is the Japanese name of Vaiśravaṇa, the chief of the Four Heavenly Kings in Buddhist mythology. The temple was established in 1595 and belongs to the controversial Nichiren sect.

The other attraction is the more modest Shintō Akagi-jinja Shrine (赤城神社), founded in 1300.

Kagurazaka also has plenty of restaurants, cafes and small shops. French restaurants are especially abundant.

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