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Odaiba 大台場

Fuji TV Building, Odaiba
Fuji TV Building, Odaiba

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Build on reclaimed land in 1851, Odaiba (or Daiba) was originally a series a 6 fortresses designed to protect Edo from naval attacks - especially those of commodore Perry's black ships who had shown up the same year.

Statue of Liberty replica and Rainbow Bridge viewed from Odaiba

Daiba became a public park in 1928, and not until 1996 was the area redeveloped as a commercial and entertainment district. Odaiba is accessible by monorail from Shimbashi or by car, using the Rainbow Bridge.

Odaiba has its own little Statue of Liberty, an aquarium, several huge shopping malls, including the Venus Fort, which reconstructed the atmosphere of an 18th century Italian town. Odaiba is where Fuji television is based, with an astronomical observatory reminding of the Atomium in Brussels (Belgium).

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