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Tsukishima & Tsukuda 月島&佃

Eitai bridge and Okawabata Rivercity 21 at dusk, Tsukishima (© Scirocco340 - Fotolia.com)
Eitai bridge and Okawabata Rivercity 21 at dusk, Tsukishima

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Tsukishima island was made of reclaimed land in the Edo period. It is situated on the Sumida-gawa River, near Tokyo Bay and marked the entrance to the harbour and system of canals of Edo.

The neighbourhood of the same name is famous for its monja-yaki (もんじゃ焼き), also known as omonja, a sort of okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), a culinary speciality that notoriouly looks like vomit.

Tsukuda is the Northern tip of the island and has been redeveloped in the 1990's in what is now one of the most prestigious residential area of Japan. The 52-floor Century Park Tower is the highest residential tower in Japan. Its entrance (off-limit to visitors) reminds more of a 4-star hotel and classical music is played in the elevator/lift.

Tsukuda Century Park Towers on the Sumida-gawa River (© Wa-pedia.com)

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