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Harumi & Kachidoki 晴海 & 勝どき

Harumi Triton Square Harumi Triton Square Harumi Triton Square

Part of the island of Tsukishima at the estuary of the Sumida river, Kachidoki has an atmosphere of shitamachi, while Harumi is still made up mostly of wastleland from which Tokyoite swarm in August to see the Tokyo Bay Fireworks.

Harumi has increased in popularity as a place to visit since the erection of the Triton Square - a modern complex of office building and shopping center.

One of the attracion of the area is its quietness and the remarkable view on Tokyo's bayside (Tsukiji, Shiodome, Hamamatsuchō), Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge.

Surrounding Areas :

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