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Attractions in Southern Kyōto

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
outstanding Located about 2km south-east of Kyōto station, Fushimi Inari Taisha is without doubt the largest and most impressive Inari shrine in Japan. It was founded in the 8th century by the Hata family and is the head shrine of no less...Read more
Tōfuku-ji Temple
Tōfuku-ji Temple
outstanding Tōfuku-ji is the head temple of the Tōfukuji branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. It was founded in 1236 by priest Enni on the instructions of statesman Kujo Michiie. The temple's name is an association of Nara's two main...Read more
Daigo-ji Temple
Saihō-ji Temple
outstanding The UNESCO World Heritage Daigo-ji Temple is a vast Shingon Buddhist complex in south-eastern Kyōto. Six of its buildings were designated National Treasures of Japan, including the Kon-dō (Main Hall), the Sanbō-in...Read more

Attractions in Uji (12 km south-east of Kyoto Station)

Byōdō-in Temple
Byōdō-in Temple
outstanding Featuring on the back of the ten yen coins, the Phoenix Hall of the Byōdō-in Temple is one of the few remaining examples of Heian-era architecture. Originally built by Fujiwara Yorimichi in 1052 as a villa...Read more
Ōbakusan Manpuku-ji Temple
Manpuku-ji Temple
outstanding Manpukuji is the head of the Ōkaku sect of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, which has 460 branches throughout Japan. It was founded by the Chinese Zen master Ingen ("Yin-yuan" in Chinese, 1592-1673). At 29, Ingen entered the temple of Mampukuji...Read more
Ujigami Shrine
Ujigami Shrine
very good Originally built around 1060 as a guardian shrine for the Byōdō-in, Ujigami-jinja is believed to be the oldest original Shintō shrine in Japan. Like the Byōdō-in, Ujigami is a UNESCO World Heritage Site...Read more

Other attractions


good Mitera Sennyūji Temple 御寺泉涌寺

Far South

good Fushimi-Momoyama Castle 伏見桃山城
good Gekkeikan Ōkura Sake Museum 月桂冠大倉記念館
good Kizakura Kappa Country キザクラカッパカントリー
good Teradaya Ryokan Museum 寺田屋旅館

South-East (suburbs)

very good Miho Museum in Shigaraki.

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