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Ujigami-jinja Shrine 宇治上神社

Honden, Ujigami-jinja Shrine, Uji
Haiden, Ujigami-jinja Shrine, Uji

Originally built around 1060 as a guardian shrine for the Byōdō-in, Ujigami-jinja is believed to be the oldest original Shintō shrine in Japan. Like the Byōdō-in, Ujigami is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Honden (本殿 ; Main Hall) and Haiden (拝殿 ; Hall of Worship) are National Treasures of Japan. The latter is believed to be a relic of Uji Detached Palace. The Honden is the oldest surviving building, dating from the 14th century.

The nearby Uji-jinja Shrine, between Byōdō-in and Ujigami-jinja, is more elaborate, although less historically significant.

Opening Hours & Admission

The shrine is open all year-round 24 hours a day and admission is free.

How to get there

The Ujigami Shrine is about 10 minutes walk from Uji railway station. Walk south along the river for about 500m. The shrine will appear on a hillside on your left.

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