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Ōbakusan Mampuku-ji Temple 黄檗山萬福寺

Ōbakusan Mampuku-ji Temple
Ōbakusan Mampuku-ji Temple

Mampuku-ji is the head of the Ōkaku sect of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, which has 460 branches throughout Japan.

It was founded by the Chinese Zen master Ingen (隠元 "Yin-yuan" in Chinese, 1592-1673). At 29, Ingen entered the temple of Mampukuji ("Wan-fu-si) on Mount Ōbaku ("Huang-bo"), near Fuzhou, in the Chinese province of Fujian. Following the fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644, Ingen was invited (or sought refuge) to Japan. He landed in Nagasaki in 1654 and started spreading the true teaching of Rinzai Buddhism.

The Mampuku-ji Temple was established in 1661 and constructed in Ming Chinese style. The temple complex has over 20 buildings.

Opening Hours & Admission

The temple is open everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (last entry at 4:30 pm). Admission is ¥500.

How to get there

Uji can be accessed with the JR Nara line or Keihan-Uji line. It takes 15 minutes from Kyōto station by rapid train, and 25min by local train. For Mampuki-ji, get off one stop before at Ōbaku station (local train only). The temple is just a few minutes walk north of the station.

Fat Buddha, Obakusan Mampukuji
Vase, Obakusan Mampukuji, Uji
Obakusan Mampukuji, Uji
Obakusan Mampukuji, Uji

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