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You know you've been in Japan too long when...
  1. You think that 4,000 ¥ (about 40 €/US$) is a reasonable prize for a nice melon.

  2. You make a bow after getting the money from the cash machine.

  3. You stand in front of a taxi and wait till the driver will open the door.

  4. You take your shoes off...in the dressing room of a clothing store.

  5. You look for people in front of a train station who distribute paper handkerchiefs.

  6. You think eating with chopsticks is faster than with a fork and knife (and actually you are faster with it).

  7. You start to believe that nori makes the hair stronger.

  8. You make a loud "haaah" after each sip of hot tea.

  9. You mutter "yoshi!" when lifting heavy objects or reaching the top of the stairs.

  10. You are tongue-tied to find your words in your mother tongue.

  11. You consider any city apart from Tokyo as "countryside".

  12. You think that tempura is really a dish for "gaijin" (and you don't consider yourself as such anymore).

  13. You plan you next holiday back home as a savanah expedition.

  14. You want to travel, but have no time because of your work and are reluctant because foreign countries are so dangerous.

  15. You sell your futon for a bed, because it's cool (even though you've slept all of your pre-Japan existence in one, but you can't remember).

  16. You know exatcly the percentage of opening of cherry blossoms near your house, and watch attentively their development day after day, then talk about it with anyone you meet.

  17. You think it is reasonable to pay 3,000 yen for a taxi rather than walk 30 minutes to go back home after the last train.

  18. You wonder what omiyage you'll bring back to your colleagues and friends before leaving for your holiday/vacation.

  19. You refer to your nose when you say "I".

  20. You finally start enjoying some Japanese TV programs.

  21. You cut the air with your hand (like a sword) when you want to cross a group of people.

  22. You say 'sumimasen' whenever you want to apologize for things that might happen or maybe not.

  23. You wish you have a fan in summer to cool yourself on the street.

  24. You miss the phone ads in the phoneboxes (do I?).

  25. You prefer walking in geta while your wife calls the psychotherapeutic (well actually she didn't, but warned me so).

  26. You start loving natto and uni.

  27. You buy beer by can labels (well I did it, but just to collect the stuff).

  28. You leave the warm water in the bath tub for your kids.

  29. You buy local sweets/food to bring them home as omiyage, even though your weekend trip was just 100 km from home.

  30. You buy gifts for co-workers whenever you leave town, even if it's just for a few hours.

  31. You end your statements with random vagueness.

  32. You hide from the NHK man routinely.

  33. Your rice maker is always on.

  34. You take 8 breaks a day at work, and shuffle the papers on your desk at least twice a hour.

  35. You read English words and start reading with Japanese pronunciations (e.g. 'date' rhymes with 'karate' and not with 'plate').

  36. You don't bat an eye when you see a salary man on the train looking at a magazine with nudity.

  37. You find yourself nodding your head back to the newscaster at the beginning and end of a newscast.

  38. You actually dream in Japanese.

  39. You return to your home country and drink soup directly from the bowl when you think no one is looking as it's so much easier.

  40. You think US$7 is not bad for a cup of coffee and a sliver of cake or pie.

  41. You can't wait for the next 15 min episode of the NHK morning drama.

  42. You can actually make fried rice, Omu rice, and a complete Tonkatsu dinner.

  43. You select shoes based on how easily you can get them on and off.

  44. You can name all the members of SMAP.

  45. You answer "hai!" even when speaking English to non-Japanese friends.

  46. You can fall asleep on the train and wake up at your stop.

  47. You don't mind peeing in a public restroom with the cleaning lady standing next to you.

  48. You don't even need a restroom to pee in public.

  49. Someone says "breakfast" you think of fish, soup and pickles.

  50. You think they mean your neighborhood whenever you hear U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name".

  51. You believe no party is complete without a trip to the karaoke.

  52. Someone says "mansion" you picture a two-bedroom flat in a 400-unit apartment building.

  53. You notice improvement in your Nihongo when you start ordering "hotto doggu" instead of "atsui inu"!

  54. You can convert katakana back to English without having to first sound it out ten times slowly.

  55. You can't even have a family picnic without an opening and closing ceremony.

  56. You wonder whether you should take the bus or a taxi instead of having to walk one kilometre.

  57. You think it's ok to play the march of the British Grenadiers in TV commercials.

  58. After a day in the metro you hear in you head "Tokyo metro wo go-ryo itadakimashite arigatou gozaimasu. Kono densha wa...yuki desu".

  59. You start wondering if the policeman in front of you will check you bicycle registration just because you are a "gaijin".

  60. You are tired of being asked if your country has four seasons, if yo can eat sushi and natoo, eat chopsticks and sleep on a futon, although you have been here for years.

  61. You go back to your home country and are surprised to see so many "gaijin".

  62. You explain the difference between a Shintō shrine and a Buddhist temple to your Japanese friends.

  63. You wonder what famous "tarento" or "actror/actress" your Japanese friends look more like.

  64. You ask other foreigners what kanji they chose for their hanko.

  65. You have changed you keitai's ringtone 10 times this week and wonder what which tune you should download next.

  66. You think you should call the electrician to change a lightbulb, as your forgot how to do.

  67. You can't stop saying "samui, samui" to yourself when it's a bit cold, and "atsui, atsui" when it's slightly too hot.

  68. You wonder how many women will offer you chocolates on Valentine's Day (or to how many people to give some, if you are a woman).

  69. You start saying "eeeh" and "oooh" in front of the TV, just to do like everybody.

  70. You ask your Italian friends if they have pasta in Italy.

  71. You are persuaded that Christmas is a ancient Japanese tradition, and Jesus was in fact Japanese.

  72. You think that "minus image" is proper English (as in "these clothes really give him minus image").

  73. You wonder why all those gaijin take "aspirin" and not "bafarin" for headaches.

  74. You think that that taking 5 kinds of kanpou (Chinese herbal medicine) all year round is necessary to keep you healthy.

  75. You check which dog is popular at the moment before buying one.

  76. You look forward to winter in your Japanese house so you can store beer and frozen foods in your bedroom and bathroom.

  77. You realise you need feet massage and hot baths in winter because it's colder inside your house than outside.

  78. You are worried because the cherry blossoms are late.

  79. You watch Chinese or Korean movies relying on the Japanese subtitles.

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