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Japanese Companies by Industry


  • JAL (Japan Airlines or 日本航空) is the largest airline airline in Japan, with 2,603 cockpit crew, 6,574 cabin crew, and flights to 196 destinations (incl. 60 in Japan) in 30 countries.
  • ANA (All Nippon Airways or 全日空), a Star Alliance member, comes second in size, with 23 international and 47 domestic destinations.

    Small airlines do exist in Japan :

  • JAA (Japan Asia Airways) is a subsidiary of JAL with flights between Japan and Taipei only.
  • Air Japan is a subsidiary of ANA, with flights between Tokyo (or Osaka) and Honolulu, Guam, Hong Kong, Dalian and Xiamen.
  • Air Do 21 (Hokkaido airlines), although originally independent, is now related to ANA and has flights between Tokyo and Sapporo or Asahikawa.
  • Skymark Airlines is one of the few small independent airrlines and has flights between Tokyo and Kagoshima, Fukuoka or Tokushima.

    Competition within the transport industry

    Transports are dominated by 3 companies, which basically set the prices of transport in Japan. These are the two national airlines (JAL and ANA), and the Japan Railway. Domestic flights fares are set just a bit under the Shinkansen (bullet train) prices, while the latter are in turn set just under the cost of the journey by car (including fuel and highway fees).

    This explains for the unreasonably high cost of domestic transport inside Japan compared to other developed countries. A flight from Tokyo to Hokkaido or Okinawa can now cost as much or more than a Tokyo-London flight, and is always pricier than a Tokyo-Seoul or Tokyo-Los Angeles flight.

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