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Due to the series of mergers in the last few years, Japan is now left with four major banks : Mizuho, Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Mitsui-Sumitomo and UFJ.

That will soon three be reduced to three as Tokyo-Mitsubishi and UFJ have announced to merge in October 2005 under the name of Mitsubishi-UFJ, thus creating the world's largest bank in terms of assets.

Mizuho Financial Group

Born of the merger of Fuji Bank, Dai-Itchi Kangyo Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan in 2002, Mizuho is Japan's largest bank in terms of assets, but also its most indebted one.
The Mizuho Financial Group is divided in three subsidiaries : the Mizuho Holdings, Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Corporate Bank.

  • Assets : $1,115.90 bn
  • Profits : $-20.11 bn
  • Employees : 50,149
  • Website : Mizuho Financial Group

    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi OHs

    Considered as the healthiest of Japan's "big four", this company came into existence through the merger of the Bank of Tokyo with the Mitsubishi Bank in 2001.
    The following statistics are for the Tokyo-Mitsubishi Financial Group :

  • Assets : $827.48 billion
  • Profits : -$1.37 billion
  • Employees : 44,544
  • Branches : 315 domestic, 81 overseas
  • Website : MTFG

    Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation 三井住友銀行

    Bearing the name of the two famous zaibatsu Mitsui and Sumitomo, the SMBC has the longest history among Japanese banks.
    Mitsui Bank was established in 1876, and Sumitomo Bank followed in 1895. Both banks subsequently merged several times with other banks. Mitsui Bank was changed its name to Teikoku Bank (1943), then back to Mitsui (1954), then to Mitsui Taiyo Kobe Bank (1990), Sakura Bank (1992). Sumitomo was renamed Osaka Bank (1948-52), then

  • Assets : $868.42 billion
  • Profits : -$3.94 billion
  • Employees : 42,996
  • Website : SMBC

    UFJ Holdings

    Result of the merger between the Sanwa Bank, Tokai Bank and Tōyō Bank, UFJ (United Financial Japan) has been haemorraging read ink since its foundation in 2001. The Tokyo-Mitsubishi Group and UFJ Holdings have reached a deal for the former to acquire the latter. The merger should take place in October 2005.

  • Assets : $665.67 billion
  • Profits : -$5.15 billion
  • Employees : 35,803
  • Branches : 472 domestic, 26 overseas
  • Website : UFJ Holdings

    Resona Holdings りそな銀行

  • Assets : $358.44 billion
  • Profits : $-7.09 billion
  • Employees : 23,692
  • Website : Resona Holdings.

    Shinsei Bank 新生銀行

    The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan was launched in March 2000 and renamed Shinsei Bank three months later.

    It is owned at 64,27% by the New LTCB Partners C.V. and became Japan's first overseas-owned bank. Although it only has 29 head offices and branches, it has extended its ATM service to the Postal Savings and Daily Yamazaki convenience stores.

  • Assets : 6,406.3 billion
  • Branches : 29 domestic, 1 overseas
  • Employees : 2,122
  • Website : Shinsei Bank.

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