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Shinagawa 品川

Shinagawa business district, Tokyo

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Shinagawa is both one of Tokyo's 23 ward and one of the city's main train station (as well as Japan's oldest railway station). The area around Shinagawa station is one of the fastest growing business district of Tokyo. It has undergone a complete redevelopement in recent years, so that it now has more high-rise buildings than anywhere else but Shinjuku and Otemachi. Several major Japanese companies have their headquarters or a major branch there, including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Japan Airlines (JAL), Japan Travel Bureau (JTB), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and NTT Docomo.

The district west of the station, known as Takanawa (高輪), is one of the most upmarket residental quarters in southern Tokyo. Well-off residential neighbourhoods run all the way from Shinagawa to Shibuya, and comprise Takanawa, Shirokane, Naka-Meguro, Hiroo, Ebisu and Daikanyama. They are all popular with expats.

Shinagawa abounds with hotels, among which the Shinagawa Prince, Takanawa Prince, New Takanawa Prince, Pacific Meridien Tokyo and Takanawa Tōbu hotels. The Shinagawa Prince hotel has its own shopping center and cinema complex, IMAX theatre and cabaret.

Since April 2004, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has moved to Kōnan, a 5 min bus ride from Shinagawa Station (Kōnan/East exit).

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