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Okubo & Hyakuninchō 大久保 - 百人町

Just one station away from Shinjuku on the JR Sobu line, Okubo is Tokyo's Koreatown. With one of the largest Korean, Chinese and South-East Asian community in Tokyo, its atmosphere is definitely closer to Seoul or Bangkok than Ginza. This gives Okubo some kind of "exotism", expressed in Chinese groceries or Korean BBQ and bibimbab restaurants.

The area is also notorious for its high density of love hotels and adult entertainment, although it is quieter and more discreet than Shinjuku's Kabukichō.

Though the station is named Okubo, the neighourhood around it where most of the action takes place is called Hyakuninchō (百人町, meaning "100 people's town").

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