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Tokyo Station, Yaesu & Kyōbashi 東京駅 - 八重洲 - 京橋

Tokyo Station & Yaesu at night

Tokyo Station & Yaesu

The red-brick Tokyo Station is one of the rare historical remnants of the capital. It only dates back from 1923 and was designed by a Dutch architect on the model of Amsterdam station. Seoul station in Korea is also strikingly similar, for the only reason that it was built during the Japanese occupation on the model of Tokyo station.

The Daimaru (大丸) Department Store occupies a large part of the modern Tokyo Station building east of the tracks (Yaesu side).

Yaesu is the area just East of Tokyo Station, between Nihombashi, Kyobashi, Ginza and Marunouchi. It has one of the largest underground shopping mall in Japan, the "Yaesu chikagai" (八重洲地下街), with a vast aray of restaurants (mostly Japanese and Chinese), cafes, clothes shops and other services.

Meiji-ya, Kyobashi

The huge Yaesu Book Center stands East of Tokyo Station across the road, and has English, French and Italian books on the 7th floor.


Between Ginza and Nihombashi, Kyōbashi is mostly a business district, with little shopping, except for the main branch of Meidi-ya, a shop renowned for its imported food products, almost exclusively from Western countries.

Otherwise, note the giraffe statue at the crossing of Chuo-dōri and Yaesu-dōri.

Surrounding Areas :

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