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Akihabara 秋葉原

Akihabara Akihabara Akihabara

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Tokyo's electronic town Akihabara is a paradise for computer, hi-fi, video games and gadget lovers. Prices can be competitive, but Akihabara is not what it used to be for discounted products.

Shops range from tiny specialized outlets to vast department stores.

If you are looking for new stuff, you will probably find your happiness at Ishimaru Denki, which has more than several buildings spread over Akihabara, each specializing in a category of products.

For computers, try Dospara or Janpara. It is the same company, with the former selling new products, while the latter sells second-hand computers. They both have 3 branches in Akihabara.

As well for cheap second-hand and bulk computers and computer parts as for new PC's, Sofmap with its 15 branches is one of the most popular shops in town.

You should also browse the backstreets parallel to the main road (Chūo-dōri). Good deals can also be found there and that is a nice break from the crowded main avenue.

The easier way to go to Akihabara is Akihabara JR station or Suehirochō station Ginza line). Watch out that Akihabara station on the Hibiya line is not on the same avenue, and you will have to walk a few minutes westwards to reach Akihabara itself.

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