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Japanese culture & mindset

  • Do you find life in Japan noisier or quieter than other places where you have lived ?
  • Is Japan a Western country?
  • Japanese morals
  • Why do Japanese talk so much about marriage ?
  • Are the Japanese more individualist or collectivist ?
  • What are your motivations to live in Japan ?

    Japan-related : various

  • Your opinion on Japan : disappointments after coming to Japan
  • Complaining about Japan
  • Greatest Japanese contribution to the world?
  • What makes Japanese business efficient ?
  • Education system : Japan vs other countries
  • Japanese doctors, hospitals and pharmacies
  • Pro & cons off living in Japan or in Europe - Cost of medical care & education
  • Where is the best and worse place to live in Japan, and why?
  • Best tourist attractions in Japan?
  • Worst tourist attractions in Japan?
  • Comparing Japan and the world => tolerance & prejudices
  • How far can a foreigner take criticism of Japan before it becomes inappropriate?
  • Is there "toshi-dama" (New Year gift) in your country?

    Japanese politics & Japan-China relations

  • Is it the time for US Forces to leave Japan?
  • Should a female be allowed to asend the throne in Japan?
  • How could Japan and China improve their relationship?
  • Gold Warriors : the plunder of Asia
  • Violent anti-Japanese demonstration in Beijing, China
  • Japan further angers China - bad omen for the future
  • Japan acted worse than Germany during WWII
  • Has Japan killed more innocent civilians in WWII than any other country in history ?

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