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In case you need help with any of our site modules, please refer to the following FAQ sections first:

  • Japan Forum FAQ

  • Most Frequently Asked Questions

    • Wa-pedia Japanese Friends

      Kindly contact World Friends Networks directly, as they are responsible for user accounts and support requests.

    • Japan Forum

      • Deletion of User Accounts: we do not delete user accounts. If you intend not to participate in discussions any longer, just refrain from posting. If you do not want to receive updates and emails related to the forum, please change your settings in the User Control Panel.
      • Deletion of Threads or Posts: we do not delete threads and posts unless they violate the Forum Rules.
      • Change of User Names: if you would like to change your handle, please contact one of the forum administrators via Private Message.

    If your request concerns any other issue, please continue here in order to contact us.

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