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Fireworks in Tokyo & Yokohama

Sumida-gawa Fireworks

Summer, especially late July to early August, is the season of fireworks in Japan. Almost every town has its own. People like to wear yukata (light cotton kimono) on the muggy summer nights to see the "hanabi" 花火 (literally "flower fire").

There are lots of fireworks in and around Tokyo. Here is a list of the most famous with the dates and stats for this year :

隅田川花火大会 (Sumida-gawa Fireworks)

  • Place : Asakusa
  • Date : 30th July
  • About 20.000 rockets
  • 93.000 people expected

東京湾大華火祭 (Tokyo Bay Great Fireworks)

  • Place : around Tokyo Bay (visible from Hamamatsuchō, Tsukiji, Harumi, etc)
  • Date : 13th August
  • About 13.000 rockets
  • About 65.000 people expected

Tokyo-wan hanabi

江戸川区・市川市納涼花火大会 (Edogawa & Ichikawa Fireworks)

Edo-gawa & Ichikawa Fireworks
  • Place : Along the Edo-gawa, near Ichikawa JR station
  • Date : 6th August
  • About 14.000 rockets
  • About 139.000 people expected

国際花火大会 (International Fireworks)

  • Place : Yokohama
  • Date : 17th July
  • About 6000 rockets (this year featuring "tama-chan", last year doraemon, a football for the World Cup and other animals)
  • About 48.000 people.

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