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Thread: Two-thirds of working women quit jobs to have 1st child

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    Arrow Two-thirds of working women quit jobs to have 1st child

    Two-thirds of working women quit jobs to have 1st child

    That's not new, but it shows how the woman's position in Japan is still far away from that of Western countries, especially English-speaking and Germanic countries.

    Now that fathers take a parternity leave when they have a child in France, UK or Sweden, Japanese woman cannot enjoy the same rights and are usually forced to quit their job, rather than having a maternity leave.

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    True, many women also quit because they feel the pressure that even if they take maternity leave they think that their bosses will think that they probably won't come back.

    But on the flip side, many women quit because they think that this is a way out of the working enviornment and/or they feel that they want to give mothering a full time go.

    It's hard to measure Japanese women by Euro-American standards.

    My wife has all my support but yet she choose to stay home and put her job into maternity status, yet she works(ed) in the life insurance industry, which is probably close 90% women therefore maternity leave is quit a normal occurance.

    I wonder if lot's of this shouldn't be broken down by industry.
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