Generally, I don't watch TV here or in Canada.

Once in a while, I'll watch CDTV and Rankin Q late on Staurday night, sometimes the Period Drama on Sunday night is more historical, and less about drama. I enjoy some of those. Modern Japanese movies can be heartwarming, and the News when I can listen to it in English is usually good.

Some of the commercials are great. Although, there are also quite few annoying-tune commercial, or commercials with some guy dressed up as a stuffed egg or vegetable that are just dumb.

The only sport I actually watch are the K-1 events, and Pride when they show the best fights. I forgot, I also watch a program featuring athletes competing in a variety of events. That includes speed push-ups, trying to touch a ball before it hits the ground, a race for flags, and tug-a-wars.