In Japan, parents, grand-parents or other relatives give a New Year monetary gift (from 500 to 10.000yen, depending on the child's age and the family's wealth and generosity ;) ), called o-toshi-dama ‚¨”N‹Ê.

Most of the Japanese I've discussed this with, think that it is a Japanese tradition. However, I know that this is common practice also at least in France and Belgium, though it is generally only the grand-parents and grand-uncles/aunts who give them. Contrarily to Japan, only children (up to teenagers, maybe) get the money. The same monetary gift (called etrennes or dringuelles in French) also exist for All Saints (1st November) and is given by the same people to the children only as well. The money is not usually in an envelope like in Japan though.

I was wondering how widespread was this practice in other countries. Do all Europeans do that ? What about Americans, Australians ? What about other Asians ? and the rest of the world ?

Please specify which country you are from and if the "toshi-dama" practice exist or is common in your country/family.