I have both Taiwanese and Chinese friends in Japan, and this has been bugging me for awhile.

I've tried researching to find out what Japanese Sinophobia was really like. From what I've read. from the end of the war, until the early 2000's Japan and the PRC got along rather well, although non-Japanese Asians were still routinely discriminated against. During this period a respect for Chinese culture grew. Starting w/ Koizumi's visits to Yasukuni, the relations generally worsened, almost 80% of Japanese in a recent poll showed had negative attitudes toward China, and distrusted Chinese citizens.

I've always told people that Japanese hate those who were born and grew up in China, but don't hate Chinese people racially, because that's what I've assumed.

But that isn't cutting it anymore.

How are Chinese really viewed/treated? In my experiences, it doesn't seem that different from normal gaijin-phobia. While Sinophobes on the net have been using increasingly violent racial attacks (but go silent when regarding Taiwanese), yet in reality Chinese have the highest intermarriage rate with Japanese of all ethnic groups, and theri kids go to school with other Japanese kids. Even older people I've heard show little more than some annoyance at the growing Chinese population, usually just for cultural reasons. Some are racist, but those people are exceptionally . Nationalism doesn't seem to be any more dangerous than it was before, but I could be seeing things.

Whenever I look on online I see talk of genocide, but people in real life Japanese seem to treat Chinese about as well as whites or South Asians. Could someone help me see the big picture? Even if you don't know about present conditions, could you explain how it has changed over time?