Living in Japan you have the choice between two categories of accommodation : wa-fu (Japanese style) or you-fu (Western style). Wa-fu rooms have tatami matting, fusuma (paper) sliding doors, and typically also futon mattress on the floor. You-fu is like you would expect anywhere in Western countries.

This distinction applies to all kind of accommodation : hotels, hostels, apartments, houses, gaijin houses...

Both are equally popular among the Japanese. The elderly tend to prefer wa-fu, whereas the younger generation increasingly show a preference for Western style.

How about you ? Did you go for the traditional or modern ? If you went for tatami and futon do you ever regret it ? I have tried both. I first wanted something traditional because it was more exotic and made me feel more like in Japan. But I ended up with door 180cm high and banged my head quite a few times passing from a room to another (or in the staircase, that was also ridiculously low by Western standard). Then a house made of wood and paper just doesn't keep the heat in in winter... I still remember the chilly nights - and days !