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Thread: Studying in Japan FAQ

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    Arrow Studying in Japan FAQ

    To avoid asking again always the same questions, please have a look at the resources below before starting a new thread.

    Japan Study Support : general information about studying in Japanese universities, graduate schools, special training colleges and Japanese language schools. Student guide and list of scholarships.

    Please check also the Japan Times' Guide to Japanese universities and colleges.

    Where to study ?

    List of Universities in Japan

    List of Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

    List of Japanese Language Schools outside Tokyo

    You may also want to check Arudo Debito's Blacklist of Japanese universities to be sure not to choose one that is not foreigner friendly.

    What organization offers exchange programs to Japan for high-schoolers ?

    AFS Intercultural Programs : for most Western countries (including Latin America)

    World Education Program (WEP) : for Europeans, Australians and New Zealanders.

    Japan-Europe High School Student Exchange Program 2010
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