World is rapidly changing, especially when we are facing financial crisis. There are many unfolded myths and clear concerns about doing business In China due to historical differences in cultural and enterprise backgrounds. A variety of serious questions are frequently asked. To name a few, how China's business world really works? What kind of role does government play in private sectors? Will language barriers become a problem? Do business policies and regulations in China differ from the western world? Amlink International contributes its over 20 year experiences in Sino-US international commerce to provide you with the resources referenced in this website with a hope to help your comp any overcome potential obstacles and real challenges of doing business in China. These resources and information have been proven to have significant impacts on your success in China. Amlink offers the following broad and extensive China business consulting and operation services: product sourcing, collaboration consulting, import export and logistic services, product compliance and certification services, government and public relation services.