Do you think having a language full of characters BETTER than languages full of Alphabets?
it is not!
Character based Languages:
* Solve some difficulties with reading and writing
* Are made simple with few rules of writing
* Can increase you memory and you ability to learn other languages
Also, what would we do when we run out of ways to write new words and abbreviations with alphabets?
I mean we have from A to Z but what if we run out of combinations to make new words???
That is why we need a character based language.
I am trying to make a character language like Chinese but it will be WAY easier for EVERYONE to learn. There will not be characters with a million dots and lines. Also this language will not be tonal

take out all of the "[]" when going to the site.
So what do you think????
I am working on this all by myself, so it's hard but I'm gonna keep trying.
**This project has just started so it might be awhile before it is complete**