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Thread: European Stereotypes

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    Wink European Stereotypes

    Here is a famous caricature of European culture diversity. There are even t-shirts and postcards with it. Of course, you should understand the opposite of what's written.


    Technical ...... as a Portuguese
    Humble ...... as a Spaniard
    Cooking ...... like a Brit.
    Available ...... as a Belgian.
    Controlled ...... as an Italian.
    Driving ...... like the French
    Organized ...... as a Greek
    Sober ...... as the Irish.
    Humorous ...... as a German.
    Generous ...... as a Dutchman.
    Discreet ...... as a Dane.
    Famous ...... as a Luxembourger.
    Talkative ...... as a Finn.
    Flexible ...... as a Swede.
    Patient ...... as an Austrian.

    There is probably an element of truth in all of these... The most easily understandable are for the : British, Irish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Finn.

    It's easy to find alternatives. We could say "as conciliant as the French", "as conventional as a Brit" or "as light-hearted as a German".
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    That's so true! I'm half german, and people think I'm too serious. I do laugh, I sware!!

    ~*Matsumoto ManaKei desu*~

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    gosh i wish i where german. im nothing but an american with 1/8 mexican which explanese my last name.
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