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Thread: Restored, an Emperor's Lair Will Be Forbidden No More

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    Restored, an Emperor's Lair Will Be Forbidden No More

    Restored, an Emperor's Lair Will Be Forbidden No More

    Jim Yardley

    Anyone who has visited Beijing in the last few years knows that the Forbidden City, the ancient home of China's emperors, is in the midst of a total restoration. Plans call for work to be completed by 2020, in time to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the imperial compound.

    The refurbishment is part of Beijing's selective preservation work in advance of the 2008 Olympics. Heavily visited historic sites like the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are undergoing multimillion-dollar face-lifts, even as a few ancient residential neighborhoods are being bulldozed for new development. One such neighborhood, Qianmen, is less than a mile from the Forbidden City.

    The scope of the work inside the high gray walls of the Forbidden City is displayed in the office of Jin Hongkui, the deputy director of the Palace Museum, as the imperial compound is formally known.

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    Thats a really big shame, if old residential buildings are being bulldozed for these godawful olympics.

    Still, its not the first time China has kicked its historical cultural heritage in the groin.

    Hopefully there will be enough chinese keeping an eye on the governments developements to ensure they dont decide to rip down too much.

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