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Thread: Mandarin vs Spanish, which should I learn???

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    Just an FYI... the person who originally asked this question was banned at some point in time, but don't let that stop you discussing the subject amongst yourselves.
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    it really depends on why you want to learn the language in the first place, is it for like a hobbie or for jobs or something in the future....
    if u learn chinese, it would probably help you a lot in future.
    a lot of people speaks spanish, but it's really not dat important though right now in the world. and more and more people are speaking chinese, it would probably be like how much people speaking english right now, in the future..
    learning chinese is hard, but it'll be very profitable.so it's really your choice, depending on your reason for wanting to learn Spanish or Chinese.
    i am learning japanese now, because i think it's really cool and i want to get a job in japan.

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    Learn Chinese,why?
    Because an American who can speak chinese is simply by any means so cool!

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    From a business standpoint I would learn Mandarin. I live in the US, where everyone and his/her grandmother knows El Espanol. China's economy is growing at a fast clip. I would learn Mandarin for sure.

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    Learning multiple languages at the same time is attainable. So, why not trying both?

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