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Thread: Teenagers banned from Internet cafes in China

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    If you go to the Web cafe in China and look around, you will support this rule. A lot of students are there playing games all day. At home, the situation is, at least, better, their parents could take care of them.

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    While out shopping with my gf, I've never seen so many police and military personnel on stree
    When did you come to Chinese mainland? If it is 4~5.2005,maybe there're many police beacue of Anti-Japan procession,but usually there's no so many police.And which city do you come? Beijing's politic atmosphere is much more dense than anyother cities,and also many military person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supervin
    There are actually 134 million Net users in China, and counting, FYI.
    Internet access is not at all restrictive in China.
    It's just that there is this massive firewall implemented on the Internet in China by the Communist Government, and recently, with both Microsoft and Google in China supporting and maintaining this. (I won't even begin to go into the lack of moral scrupples by multinational corporations and their double standards.) Topics and blogs related to democracy, Taiwan, Falun Gong and Tiananmen are screened out.
    When I was on vacation in Beijing & Shanghai, I could not access Wikipedia from the hotel room and internet cafes . All I got was a 'page not found' error. At that time, I also had a slight fear that someone was going to tap my shoulder and 'ask me some questions' as I surfed the net.

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