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The difference is that you totally and utterly refuse to accept this and use a condescending and arrogant tone to deliver your message, whereas we are usually pretty upfront and direct about it. I would ask you - which is the more honest approach?
You call yourself upfront and direct, and more honest ? Shall I remind you that you are the one who posts sneaky contemptful comments about me out of the blue here and there. Shall I refresh your memory :

In the thread " What 3 things would you take with you to an uninhibited island", you posted something saying that I had "serious personality issues" (I split this discussion elsewhere) because of my reply. This was your only contribution to the thread.

Then, on 20 October 2005 : Post #17, #29, #30, #32 of this thread, you and mikecash made disparaging comments behind my back. Mike even gave you good rep. for your post and said "I take it that the word "someone" refers to the Belgian Lungfish" (yes, all admins and mods can see any member's reputation comments). In fact, you, CC1 and mikecash have exchanged each others reputation points, congratulating each others in the rep. comments, for every insulting comment made on me. This has happened in quite a few thread, including this one.

It is always the 3 of you (and you, Silverpoint are by far the worst), so you understand that I tend to lose my patience with you guys when you come and look for a fight in the threads I post.