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Thread: How much of Japan's traditional culture comes from China ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GablurW

    The Hakkas for instance orginated from the Northen China, currently settled largely in the Southen Guandong province, Fujian, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

    They were also said to be genetically more similar/much closer to the Koreans and Japanese compared that any other ethnic groups of China, now all assimulated under a common 'Han' ethnicity.

    The orginal language which they used to speak were also a lot more similar with Japanese than Chinese (and other dilects) with Japanese.
    Han is a cultural identity.

    Historically true," genuine " Hakka people were originally of indigenous Hua-Xia agricultural tribes occupied upper band of Yellow River.Our ancestors fled their homeland due to successful military conquests of Northern China by various Mongol and Tungus tribes with massive migrations southward to Guandong and Fujian provinces occured during later Song Dynasty.

    Partially factual,modern day " Northern " Hakkas are either Hua-Xia origin partly mixed with Mongol/Manchu or Sinicized Xiongnu/Xian-Bei nomadic tribespeoples assimilated into Hakka Han Chinese.Overwhelming majority of today's northern Han Chinese have " Nomadic genes ",therefore they're genetically related to most Japanese and Koreans of northern Asian nomadic heritage.

    Both Hakka and Cantonese dialects are 2 ORIGINAL Northern tongues,with Cantonese retained much of classical Chinese conversed in Tang's royal court.Japanese has a percentage of Tang loanwords like
    suicide/world/cancel/simple/attitude/purpose/etc share SAME PRONOUNCIATION as Chinese Cantonese-dialect.Hakka dialect branched out from old Mandarin,Japanese language also has many Chinese loanwords like trust/grand opening/in love/fresh with pronounciation same as Mandarin-Chinese.
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