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I'm not sure if a Japanese immigrant who has been naturalized in a foreign country can become a Japanese citizen again. Do you know, Maciamo?
Maybe possible, but difficult. Otherwise those people could live in Japan on a visa called "child of Japanese citizen" which allows to work normally like a "spouse visa".

PR status can be as convenient as being naturalized except you would want to have the passport issued in the country you reside if you travel frequently to avoid trouble.
PR is usually better than being naturalised in Japan's case, as Japan, like most Asian countries, does not accept dual nationality. I especially do not want to lose my nationality, because as a EU citizen it allows me to live and work permanently in the 25 EU countries (and without having to keep a sticker that says so in my passport like in Japan).

I was a bit disappointed with the Japanese system that even as a PR I still need to carry an alien registration card and purchase a new re-entry visa every 3 years (that means spending a few hours going to the immigration bureau and pay 5000 yen every time). I am not sure if the PV is so permanent in Japan, as it seems that if I exit the country and come back without a re-entery visa I would lose my PV (!). Is that the same in the US with the Green Card ?

As for the passport, it really depends on your nationality. I am going to get a new passport from my embassy in Tokyo and it only takes 2 weeks from the time of application. In comparison my wife had to wait one month for it to be ready at the Yurakucho office in Tokyo, although she was in her own country.