Over One Million Withdrawals, Calls for Dismissing the Chinese Communist Party
One-Half Million Withdraw in Less than One Month

By Zhang Yihe
The Epoch Times
Apr 21, 2005

On March 27, the total number of withdrawals from the Communist Party, Youth League and Young Pioneers exceeded half a million. In less than one month, another half a million have now withdrawn from the CCP. By April 21, the total number of people who have declared their withdrawals from the CCP, China Youth League and Young Pioneers on the Epoch Times website (http://tuidang.dajiyuan.com/) had exceeded one million. The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party published by the Epoch Times last November has directly caused this wave of withdrawals.
Worldwide Public Support for One Million Withdrawals

To publicly demonstrate their support for the one million Chinese who have withdrawn from the CCP, over 150 Chinese groups from around the globe will join a March for Democracy and Freedom in New York City on April 23. Over 3,000 are expected to join this march. There will be similar activities in Asia (Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan), North America, Europe, and Australia (Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane).

The news of over one million withdrawals has spread to China. The educated people from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hubei, Gansu, Ningxia, Guangxi and Guizhou, one after another, started to accept open interviews to support over one million withdrawals.

The Nine Commentaries Impact High Level CCP Officials and Ordinary People

Recently, the "Nine Commentaries" is known to have spread to high level CCP officials. Meng Weizai, the former Director of the Art Bureau of the Central Propaganda Ministry and former Vice Party Secretary of the China Literature Association, Guo Jidong, the Deputy Mayor of the Hejian city in Hebei Province, and Ding Ke, a former reporter for the Guangming Daily and former special agent of the CCP Security Department, have all resigned from the CCP. Meng Weizais resignation last December shocked China and lead a lot of experts and scholars to resign from the CCP.

On Feb 28, forty-six senior staff members from the China Military Nuclear Industry withdrew from the CCP. These senior staff members were all elite Party members for 30 to 50 years.

Mr. Lin Zhengyang currently lives in Seattle and is the founder of the China Overseas Army Pensioners Association. Lin used to serve in the East China Sea Fleet in the 1980s. When interviewed at one of the withdrawal service centers (set up by Epoch Times offices around the world to assist those who want to withdraw from the Party), Lin said that the "Nine Commentaries" were wide-spread among the Chinese army and were causing a great impact. The soldiers pass on the "Nine Commentaries" and discuss and question the military history of the CCP.

Numerous Slogans Posted Calling for Eliminating the CCP and Withdrawing from the CCP

Recently a lot of withdrawal statements and slogans calling for the elimination of the CCP have been posted in public places in various parts of China, including Jilin city in Jilin province, Xian city in Shanxi province, Baoding city and Dingxing county in Hebei province, Dalian city in Liaoning province, Hubei province, Nanning city in Guangxi province, and Jiyuan city in Henan province.

The Clearwisdom website reported on April 19 that recently there were quite a few withdrawal statements posted near the Baoding city area train station, schools, parks and markets. Early in the morning on April 10, a lot of slogans saying Withdraw from the CCP, Try Jiang Zemin openly were posted near the streets in the east side of Xian city and Nanerhuan.

On Qingming Day, the day the Chinese people show deceased relatives respect, in many grave yards in Nanning city in Guangxi province, there were slogans saying Heaven is eliminating the CCP, Withdraw from the CCP to stay safe and Heaven has given the Nine Commentaries to reveal the CCPs evil nature.


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