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Futures trading started in Osaka.
Electronic futures trading started there. Non-electronic started hundreds of years ago...nobody knows when. On the topic of Osaka Stock Exchange, their systems have not improved since they started. As someone that has supported Osaka futures/options trading desks for 4 years, I can tell you that they are pathetic. You can fax orders quicker than sending them down their data lines. :/

I'd like to add a few typically Japanese gadgets, like the toilets with seat-warmer and water jets
Way too late... my suggestion of Toto brand toilet seats encompasses all good things about over the top toilets!

(some don't even know what the word "Shinto" means even showing them the kanji in my dictionary, which is quite unbelievable).
Indeed. How's your pronunciation? I would doubt many don't know about it. There's millions of westerners that know nothing about their respective religion.