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Onomichi 尾道

Jōdō-ji Temple, Onomichi
Panormaic view of Onomichi

Locked between the Inland Sea of Japan and the hilly spine of Western Honshu, Onomichi is an agreeable stop between Hiroshima and Okayama. Its temple walk commands stunning views on the Inland Sea and its islands.

There are about 30 Buddhist temples in total. The most notable ones include the Kōmei-ji, Senkou-ji, Tennei-ji and Jōdō-ji.

The walk takes about 2 hours starting from the Jiko-ji near the JR station to the Jōdō-ji, and climbing all the way to Senkou-ji Temple. There is a ropeway (¥280 one-way) from the middle of town to Senkou-ji.

Statuettes, Onomichi

How to get there

Onomichi is conveniently located halfway between Hiroshima (1h15min, ¥1450) and Okayama (1h15min, ¥1280) or Kurashiki (1h, ¥1110) on the JR Sanyo line.


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