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Yushima Seidō 湯島聖堂

Yushima Seidō, Ochanomizu
Yushima Seidō, Ochanomizu

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Statue of Confucius at the Yushima Seidō, Ochanomizu

Immediately north of Ochanomizu Station is the Yushima Seidō, a haven of peace in the heart of Tokyo. Its precincts are covered with lush vegetation resembling more a jungle than a park. A statue of the Chinese philosopher Confucius greets the visitors. The shrine itself is composed of the large and dark Taisei-den Hall (大成殿) facing a colonnaded courtyard. Statues of lions ornate the imposing copper roof.

Yushima Seidō was established in 1690 by the Edo government as a place to study Confucianism. It was the first place of higher education in Japan. Unfortunately, all the buildings but the Nyūtoku-mon Gate burned to the ground in the Great Kantō Earthquake in 1923.

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