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As stated many times before, racism, prejudice, and discrimination are everywhere. I've never been to Japan, but I've heard more bad talk on foreign treatment than good. I've heard enough to dissuade any non-Japanese person to even want to visit. However, I've heard very good stories too and it is with a clear conscience I will first visit Japan to assess for myself.

As an American, I see many foreigners come here on their own accord, often in search of a better life. Now whether the move was instigated by those glorifying America or damning it; point is, travelers and immigrants alike find out for themselves.

If you base yourself solely on fears erected by others, where goes personal experience?
That's a really good point. I haven't spent as much time as others in Japan but I would consider the sum of my experiences quite typical and at least more informed (based solely on length of stay) than the average vacationer. That being said I'd be one of those people likely to offer positive experiences, as they are what remain in my mind. I guess others have had a rougher ride than me. Why this is I do not know. But I will say, to your point on personal experience and fear, that if you (meaning anyone) approaches Japan with this mindset or chooses to adopt it quickly after one negative experience, they will begin to see discrimination where it doesn't exist.