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Thread: List of interesting polls on the forum

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    Post List of interesting polls on the forum

    It will take some time before completing the list, but here is for a start :
    Please check first our list of interesting threads and polls

    What are your interests for Japan ?
    Have you been to Japan ?
    How did you find this website ?

    What's your favorite Japanese food?
    Can you slurp your noodles?
    Do you like anko?
    Which do you perfer? Chinese Food or Japanese Food?

    What is your motivation to learn Japanese ?
    What's your level in Japanese ?
    What is the most difficult in learning Japanese ?
    Do you speak Japanese ?
    Should Japan Abolish Kanji?

    Country difference
    Is there "toshi-dama" (New Year gift) in your country ?
    Which do you celebrate more : Xmas or New Year ?

    Where are you from ?
    How old are you ?
    What's your blood group and ethnic group ?
    How tall are you ?
    What is your religion or belief system ?
    Are you vegetarian (and why) ?

    What programs do you like on Japanese TV
    Do you sleep on a futon?
    Are you for or against the "gaikokujin tourokusho" ?
    How far can a foreigner take criticism of Japan before it becomes inappropriate?
    Gauge Your Cuteness Tolerance
    How do you see cloning ?
    Do you think cannabis (marijuana/hashisch) should be legal ?
    Do you brush your teeth in the kitchen ?
    Is Japan really a democracy?
    What connotation does the term "gaijin" have for you ?
    Greatest Japanese contribution to the world ?
    Japan Bashing

    Gender & relationship
    Would you stay with someone you (really) love if (you knew that)...
    How do you feel about gay marriage?
    Why do you love somebody?
    Do men talk more about themselves than women ?
    What makes a relationship last?
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