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Thread: Dogs and Demons : the fall of modern Japan

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    Post Dogs and Demons : the fall of modern Japan

    I'd like to introduce this book to those who haven't heard about it yet. Dogs and Demons was written by Alex Kerr, the author of another very interesting book on Japan : Lost Japan

    Alex Kerr is an American who firs came to Japan when he was 10. He later studied Japanese culture and language in the US, then went back to Japan where he has lived most of the time since (more than 30 years altogether).

    He originally wrote Lost Japan in Japanese and was the first foreigner to be awarded a prestigious literary prize in Japan. He bought a traditional thatched-roof house in Shikoku that he restores himself (with some friends and villagers). Kerr is also an (Asian) art collector and a Kabuki conoisseur.

    In Dogs and Demons, he makes a point in examining everything that has gone wrong with Japan, from corrupted bureaucracy to rigid education, to ecological destruction and sterilization of the Japanese culture.

    I believe it's a must-read for any one interested in Japanese politics, economic problems, society and mentality in general. It's both enlightening and shocking.

    I think there is no point trying to summarise it. You'll find a few good comments on
    Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

    A Japanese version is also available
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