And after centuries of animosity, Koreans and Japanese emigrants who toiled to relocate around the world in countries spread over 4 million sq miles each, decide to set up shop no more than 5 miles of each other. As shown by Japantowns and Koreatowns in San Francisco, Sydney, Brazil and many other cities, it's clear that we can't live without each other. Biggie And Tupac, the Workers Party Sinn Fein vs the Provisional Sin Fein, the Yanks vs Sox: Just another feud in the bucket of Freud's "Narcissism of the minute" (der Narzimus der kleinen Differenzen) "the phenomenon where adjacent territories, with more in common than not, engage in constant feuds, i.e. in the minute differences of details). Most likely however, whether Korean or Japanese, one of their ancestors bred with the enemy.
Koreans residing on one of hundreds of micro islands around the peninsula, speak a dialect almost indistinguishable from Japanese called Zainichi.