What animal are you ? Just enter your birthday and the doubutsu uranai will tell you what is your animal and personality linked to it.

Even more funny is the nihon rekishi uranai, which tells you which Japanese historical character (male or female) you are, from your birthday. You'll need to read Japanese to understand the explanations.

To find out, select your sex : male ’j or female — ; then input your birthdate in this order : year ”N, month ŒŽ, day “ú.

Male characters listed :

š“ż‘žŽq Shôtoku Taishi (574-622)

“żě‰ĆN Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616)

‹óŠC Kûkai (774-835)

‰Ž”ň‚э˛• Sarutobi Sasuke

‘ĺÎ‘ • Ôishi Kuranosuke

D“cM’ˇ Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582)

â–{—´”n Sakamoto Ryôma (1836-1867)

ÎěŒÜ‰E‰q–ĺ Ishikawa Goemon (1596-1632)

ŒőŒšŽ Hikaru Genji

ź”ö”mÔ Matsuo Bashô (1644-1694)

–LbG‹g Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598)

‹{–{•‘ Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645)

Female characters :

–kđłŽq Hôjô Masako (1157-1225)

Ž‡ŽŽ•” Murasaki Shikibu

Šz“c‰¤ Nukata no Ôkimi (vers 630-690)

”Ú–íŒÄ Himiko

t“ú‹Ç Kasuga no Tsubone (1579-1643)

o‰_‚Ěˆ˘‘ Izumo no Okuni (?-1640)

Ź–쏬’Ź Ono no Komachi (IXe siècle)

‹g–ě‘ž•v Yoshino Dayû

“ú–ě•xŽq Hino Tomiko (1440-1496)

”Ş•S‰Ž‚¨Žľ Yaoya Oshichi

‚Š‚Ž‚â•P Kaguya-hime

ˆ˘•§“ň Abutsuni (?-1283)

Here are a few more :

The Anime Uranai tells you which anime character you are.

The Sushi Uranai (!) indicates what type of sushi you are.