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View Poll Results: What are your interests for Japan ?

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  • Manga & Anime

    487 57.57%
  • Video games

    335 39.60%
  • Martial Arts

    269 31.80%
  • Culture in general

    602 71.16%
  • J-pop

    330 39.01%
  • Japanese people (friendship or more)

    596 70.45%
  • Japanese language

    613 72.46%
  • Japanese food

    477 56.38%
  • Traditional Japan (tea ceremony, geisha, kabuki, noh, ikebana, ...)

    403 47.64%
  • Religion (shinto, buddhism, zen...)

    196 23.17%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What are your interests for Japan ?

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    Question What are your interests for Japan ?

    Always good to know if we are here for the same reason or not... This is a multiple answer poll, so choose as many as you want.

    My interest for Japan date back from my childhood with the anime on TV and judo, which I started when I was 6. I was judo that taught me my first words in Japanese and got me used to sitting in seiza on a tatami. I also did karate as a teenager. Playing with the eraly Sega and Nintendo consoles also brought me closer to modern Japanese culture. But all this was years behind me when I met my wife and I came to Japan. Now I am interested in the culure in general (history, language, religion/traditions...)., the people and especially the food, which I consider the best in the world.
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