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My wife keeps saying I'll smash my car one day. The funny thing is that my last 4 accidents I was at no fault. Well, 1 I got hit with 10% since I was moving.

I'm a porche boy at heart but either a GTR or NSX would do me just fine too.

Is Michigan like LA? LA traffic is so bad that if someone got pulled over durinig the day it would create a 1 1/2 hour traffic jam. Looky Lou's.

Japan, is 50 most areas with 60 being a high defualt in rural areas. Highways are 80 or 100. With 120 a pretty regular clip. These are all KmH. Not mph.

a used good condition GTR runs about US $ 20k. Imprezza a bit less at about $10k.

Also, somebody forgot to mention Mitsubishi's GTO and Nissan's Fairlady Z which is finally coming up with a model change.

Honda cars are not too popular so integra's and preludes are pretty rare. Yet, Honda is quite popular for wagon and van types.

This year, up in Sapporo at least, there is no particular fashion for cars. No slamming or aero-kits. This year is pretty boring. Last year the Estima type vans were very popular.

One of my buddies is a used car dealer who loves US looking Honda cars, ferio's and CRXs.

I drive a Peugeot in Japan, but my wife has a Suzuki Cappuccino.