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Thread: What kind of magazines do the Japanese read ?

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    Post What kind of magazines do the Japanese read ?

    This thread is a continuation of Do Japanese prefer money above all ?


    Originally posted by Elizabeth
    And as couples have sex much less than Westerners, that leaves food and drink as their most treasured assets. I don't know, though,.....most Japanese I've talked to still say that friendship and lovers if possible are the most important things in their lives. They just aren't very skilled at making them sometimes
    My opinion from talking to all sorts of Japanese everyday (that's my job...) is that they do care a lot about food, sex and money.

    90% of men magazines are about sex, 90% of women magazines are about cooking and/or fashion (read shopping) or other sensual pleasures like massages, reflexology and assorted. When I went back to Europe last month, I was startled (positively so) at the variety of magazines, with more specialised hobbies and interest mags than Japanese could even dream of (cars, computers, video games, history, fishing-hunting, homemaking, real estate, travel, literature, sports, gossip, politics, electronics, gardening, spirituality, philosophy, religion, new age, architecture, arts... and of course the fashion and porn already available in Japan).
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